What are the best indian movies to watch on big screen?

What are the best indian movies to watch on big screen?
Jul, 28 2023 Film & Entertainment Derek Silverstone

Entering the Realm of Indian Cinema

Don't you just adore the rush of emotion and the brilliance of color that fills the big screen when you're diving into the fabulous world of Indian cinema? I do. As Derek, your passionate film blogger, I have to say that Indian movies, known as Bollywood films, have much to offer in terms of plot depth, character complexity, heartwarming emotions, and pure, visual delight. There's such perfection in the dance routines, lavish settings, and of course, a gripping storyline. So, buckle up because we are about to delve into a kaleidoscope of emotions, drama, passion, and epic entertainment. All of these movies deserve a spot in your next big movie marathon, and trust me, you'll thank me later!

The Classic Mughal-E-Azam

Imagine a grand saga of passion, a powerful drama surrounded by magnificence, and set amidst the grandiose ambiance of the Mughal era. This is what "Mughal-E-Azam" is all about. Directed by K. Asif and released in 1960, this classic gem defines the high standards that Bollywood set in its golden age. A testament to an opulent era of Indian history, this film's grandeur is unmatchable by today's standards. Trust me, you've got to see this epic masterpiece on the big screen to witness its full impact! This film is not a passing breeze, but a gust of wind that'll sweep you off your feet, leaving a profound impact on you with its powerful performances, melodious soundtracks, and a heart-touching story.

Redefinition of Friendship in Sholay

Now let's take a few steps forward and delve into the 70s, a vibrant decade that produced the iconic film "Sholay." Ramesh Sippy's film which revolutionized the perception of friendship on Indian screens. The movie blends emotions, action, and dialogues so well that it still resonates, years after its release. "Sholay" is a film that stands tall in the halls of Indian cinema. I remember my first encounter with "Sholay", it was a summer afternoon where I, along with my best friend, surrendered ourselves to the storytelling prowess of Indian cinema. We experienced the tight bond between Jai and Veeru, saw the rustic beauty of Ramgarh, and savored the iconic dialogues etched into our memories forever. This film set a benchmark for future Indian movies and carved a niche in our hearts, making it a must-watch on the big screen.

Subcontinental Stretch with Lagaan

Moving into the realm of 2000s Indian cinema, "Lagaan", Ashutosh Gowariker's masterpiece, is an amalgamation of patriotism, sport, and romance set under British colonial rule. "Lagaan" shook the movie industry with its narrative and visual grandeur, making it an Oscar contender—a moment of sheer pride for India. I vividly remember how I didn't blink for a second when India's cricket match against the British team was on. The stadium roared with applause, and I could feel my heartbeats reverberating with the cheers. Viewing "Lagaan" on the big screen brings out the fervor, passion, and sporting spirit of Indians, making it a memorable cinematic experience.

Bringing Magic to Reality with Black

"Black," directed by the brilliant Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is a film that beautifully unfurls the narrative of a deaf and blind girl, Michelle, and her relationship with her teacher, Debraj. It became a defining moment in Indian cinema with Rani Mukerji’s magnificent and convincing portrayal of Michelle. I must admit, "Black" left me teary-eyed and filled me with inspiration in ways no movie had ever done before. The narrative of Michelle's journey is nothing short of a symphony, one that strikes the chords of your soul. Watching this award-winning film on the big screen will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on any cinephile’s heart.

Refreshing Love Stories with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If you're into movies whose themes revolve around youth, friendship, and love, then "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara" is the film for you. Zoya Akhtar's magnum opus brings forth a beautiful amalgamation of emotions, friendship, and self-discovery so brilliantly, that you'll want to pack your bags and embark on your own journey of self-realization with your best pals. It's been a long time since its release, but the scenes from Tomatina Festival and the deep-sea diving sequence stay fresh in my memory. Words fail to portray the overwhelming emotions I experienced while watching this film on the big screen. It's a journey that everyone should undertake!

A Glimpse of Indian Society with Article 15

Finally, let's end on a serious note with Anubhav Sinha's "Article 15." This is a movie that holds up a mirror to the caste-based prejudices prevalent in Indian society. It is a gritty portrayal of some stark realities and showed the world that mainstream Bollywood is capable of producing some hard-hitting cinema. Watching "Article 15" was a gut-wrenching experience. It blurs the line between cinema and reality, making it an essential watch on the big screen. This, my friends, is not just a movie—it's a wake-up call, a call to acknowledge and rectify the existing societal faults.

Breathtaking, isn't it? Trying to wrap up the richness and quality of Indian cinema in such a small space feels like an injustice. But, hopefully, you have found what you're looking to indulge in your next big screen session. As Derek, your guide on this mesmerizing journey through Indian cinema, I hope you have your popcorn ready. Let's lose ourselves again in the grandeur and exceptional storytelling that Indian cinema offers. Lights, camera, action!